We have recently visited China now we are moving to Laos. We are so excited and ready for new adventures.

Laosland of a million elephants and white umbrella.

Laos is a country in South-East Asia, in the centre of the Indochina Peninsula. It doesn’t have any access to the sea. A brief history: In the 14-17 centuries there was a state called LAN Xang. In 1893 the land passed into the possession of France and became part of French Indochina. In 50-ies of the 20 century in Northern Laos to the Communists took over in 1975, dominating the Lao.

Capital of Laos: Vientiane (Lao: ວຽງຈັນ Wieng Jan) .
Official language: Lao.
Currency: Lao Kip
Ethnic groups: Lao 50%, Rouge — 25% – Thai — 14%, and Miao-Yao 10%, Vietnamese, Chinese.
The population of Laos is only 6 million.
We travelled to Laos from the China border.

Our bus trip from Laos: Luangnamtha — Luang PrabangVietnamLao Bao.

The first thing you‘ll hear in Laos from all sides — “Sabai Dee“, which means “Hello!” You will surprised that the real translation isyou are alive“.

The town is really small, more like a  village, three streets in two rows. The first thing we could see were lots of  bright green rice fields. Floods and landslides were destroing lots of houses in the past so now most of the houses are built on stilts.

In the Maldives there are many Islands, some of which are converted into hotels. As a rule, they usually have some  small villas for guests, restaurants, pools and beach infrastructure. This paradise looks so naturally and organically that it seems as if I had my own island I would definitely built myself a house and live in pleasure. However, the external simplicity hides a complex and sophisticated system. If you don’t want to live like Robinson Crusoe, you have to solve a bunch of household issues. Where will  you take electricity on the island? How to make a sewer? Where to take the rubbish out? How to be confident that buildings will not be washed off in the ocean?

In one of the Christmas holidays in the Maldives, I decided to go outside the routes for usual guests and look deeper inside the system how those hotel are built and how employees are working there. Details and photos under the cut…


Reception with free flyers and detailed maps can be found at the customs Hall in the airport, when you facing the customs racks, at the right wall. Complimentary maps can be found also in tourist places, such as the zoo (if you go by the sign Singapore Zoo – on your right right).

Also check in any major shopping center and hotel receptions there are lots of maps for free.

Animal show at the Singapore Zoo. What is it and what Singapore Zoo is all about? Zoo in Singapore, also known as the Mandai Zoo, takes as much as 28 hectares. It was opened in June 27, 1973! The zoo is controlled by non-governmental organization Wildlife Reserves Singapore. But all such basic information you can always find in Wikipedia, so I just will share my own impressions.
In fact – it is, indeed, a huge territory! Therefore, if you decide to visit Singapore Zoo, be prepared to walk a lot there!

Well, of course, for the lazy visitors they had a special train which rolled tourists and other visitors through the zoo territory.

Lots of different rare animals, huge variety. Th zoo has been divided into parts, called by continents. For each continent their own animals. “Africa” – zebras, giraffes, rhinos, in “Australia” – kangaroos and so on. We got a lot of fun just walking, stopping and watching a variety of representatives of you mother earth. Since we are fans of various entertainment, we visited the animal show, elephants show and finally some special event like Night Safari.

Unfortunately, taking pictures during the safari was impossible, because it was very dark, but it was an amazing spectacle. They put you in a trailer and drive at night through the jungles, where you will meet animals in their wild life during the night: wild boars, deer and some types of wild cats – they all were very cool and exciting!
Now time for pictures, I prepared the best photos made by me during my trip so you can enjoy them and maybe decide to take a visit to that special place !